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Acceptance Site Code
Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN)
Accounting Error Classification Code
Accumulation Start Date
Acquisition Advice Code
Acquisition Method Code
Acquisition Method Suffix Code
Activity Identifier
Additional Description
Additional RCRA Requirements
Address Document Identification Code
Address Information
Adjustment Reason Code
Advice Code
Agency Accounting Identifier Code
Agency Code
Agency Dispersing Identifier Code
Agency Qualifier Code
Agreement Number
Air Commodity And Special Handling Code
Air Dimension Code
Air Force Expendability Recoverability Reparability Category Code
Air Force Revised Urgency Justification Code (Assigned By Sender)
Air Force Urgency Justification Code
Air Terminal Identifier
Air Waybill Number
Aircraft Mission Design Series Code
Allowance Equipage Code
Allowance Or Charge Indicator
Allowance Parts List
Allowance Type Indicator
Application Error Condition
Appropriation Number
Army Action Date
Army Edit Action Code
Ash Content
Asset Reclassification Denial Code
Asset Status Reporting Code
Asset Transfer Status Code
Assigned Identification
Associated Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV) Repair Document Number
Automated Data Processing Equipment Identification Code
Automated Shore Interface Sequence Number
Availability Type Code
Bank Identification Number
Basic Appropriation Number
Basis for Information
Basis Of Unit Price Code
Batch Number
Batch Sequence Number
Beginning Period Of Availability Fiscal Year Date
Bill And Ship To
Bill To Party
Bill Unit Price
Billed Office Indicator Code
Billing Advice Code
Billing Status Code
Booking Number
Budget Line Item
Business Event Type Code (BETC)
Business Partner Number
Buying Partner (Purchaser)
Call/Order Number
Carrier's Invoice Number
CAS Identifier
Case Number
Cash Discount Stipulation Code
Catalog Publication Date
Causative Research Indicator
Cause Of Loss Code/Cause Code
CAV Repair Cycle Document Number (RCDN) Range
Certification Requirements Code/Program Year
Certified Mail Number
Certifier Name
Change Order Sequence Number
Chemical Concentration
Chemical Name
Chemical Range
Chromium Hex Quantity
Chromium Hex Unit
City Name
Coast Designation Code
Cognizance Symbol
Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE)
Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV) Receipt Type Code
Commodity Name (Nomenclature)
Communication Number
Communications Routing Identifier Code
Competitive Characteristics Code
Consolidation And Containerization Point Code
Contact Inquiry Reference
Container Number
Container Sequence Number
Container Weight/Volume
Content Indicator Code
Contract Administration Functional Limitations Code
Contract Bid Rejection Reason Code
Contract Close-Out Group Code
Contract Delivery Date Revision Agency Code
Contract Extended (Exhibit) Line Item Number
Contract Failure To Award Reason Code
Contract Fund Reporting Transaction Code
Contract Line Item Number
Contract No Longer Considered For Award Reason Code
Contract Obligation Variance Code
Contract Payment Deduction Or Collection Code
Contract Payment Line Item Status Code
Contract Payment Type Code
Contract Shipment Advice Code
Contract Solicitation Method Code
Contract Special Reimbursable Provisions Code
Contract Status Code
Contract Unit Price
Controlled Inventory Item Code
Cooperative Logistics Program Support Category Code
Copper Quantity
Copper Unit
Correction/Change For Storage Item Records Code
Corrodes Steel Indicator
Corrosive Indicator
Cost Center Identifier
Cost Element Code
Country Code
Country Representative/Freight Forwarder Code
Credit Card Indicator
Credit Card Number (Last Four)
Credit/Debit Adjustment Bill Number
Credit/Debit Flag
Critical Application Code
Critical Safety Item Flag
Criticality Code
Currency Code
Currency Market Code
Customer Identification
Customer Maintenance Level Lookup Code
Customer Order Acceptance Record
Customer Order Number
Customer Within Country Code
Customer's Internal Purchase Order Number
Cyanide Reactive Indicator
Date Shipped Or Received Code
Date Time Period
Date, Calendar
Defense Priorities And Allocations System Code
Defense Switched Network Number
Deficiency Report Unique Identifier (DRUI)
Delivery Location
Delivery Order Number
Delivery Priority/Special Processing Code
Delivery Source Code
Demand Code
Demand Planning Status Code
Demand Receipt Date
Demilitarization Code
Demilitarization Integrity Code
Demilitarization Performed Code
Department Of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)
Department Of Defense Identification Code (DODIC)
Department Regular Code
Department Transfer Code
Depositor Order Number
Depot Maintenance Interservice Support Agreement (DMISA)Line Number
Dimension Measurement
Dioxin Waste Indicator
Discrepancy Indicator Code
Discrepancy Report Document Type Code
Discrepancy Report Requested Action Code
Discrepancy Status Or Disposition (Reply) Code
Disposal Authority Code
Disposal Consolidation Number
Disposal Total Weight/Volume
Disposal Total Weight/Volume Unit
Disposal Turn-In Document Number
Disposal Turn-In Document Number Suffix
Disposition Category Change Reject Reason Code
Disposition Category Code
Disposition Services Accumulation Number
Disposition Services Complete Container Count
Disposition Services Container Disposal Turn-In Document Sequence Number
Disposition Services Container Identification
Disposition Services Current Container Count
Disposition Services Customer Point Of Contact
Disposition Services Indicator
Disposition Services Reimbursement Code
Disposition Services Supply Discrepancy (SDR) Type Code
Disposition Services Term Sales Code
Disposition Sub-Category Code
Distribution Code
DMLSS/TEWLS Local Catalog Identification
Document Availability Code
Document Identification Code
Document Number
Document Number Count
Document Number Suffix
DoDAAC Authority Code
Dollar Basis For Percent
DoT Hazardous Material Indicator
DoT Reportable Quantity
DoT Unit of Issue
Drawing Figure Number
Drawing Number
Drawing Revision Number
Drawing/Drawing Revision Number Effective Date
DTID EPA Waste Code
DTID State Waste Code
Dun And Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System Number
Dun And Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System Plus 4 Number
Earliest Acceptable Delivery Date
Electronic Mail
Emall Part Number Catalogue Billing Price
Emall Part Number Catalogue Contract Price
Emergency Response Guide Page Number
End Item Identification Number
End Item Type
Ending Period Of Availability Fiscal Year Date
End-Item Description
Enterprise Identifier
EPA HW Number
EPA Unit
Equipment Identification Code
Estimated Time Of Arrival Code
Estimated Unit Price
Event Identification
Exception Ship-To Address
Exchange Pricing Conversion Indicator
Exchange Pricing Indicator
Exchange Pricing Type Of Credit
Exemption Granted Indicator
Express Mail Number
Extended Part Number Narrative
Fabric Identification
Facsimile Number
Federal Supply Classification
Federal Supply Schedule Number
Federal Supply Schedule Special Item Number
Final Receipt Indicator
Financial Information Code
Flash Point
Foreign Military Sales Delivery Term Code
Foreign Military Sales Mark-For Code
Foreign Military Sales Offer Release Option Code
Form Stock Number
Free Form Message Text
Free Issue
Free On Board Site
Freight Forwarder Address
Functional Area Identifier
Fund Code
Fund Purpose Code
Funding Center Identifier
Funds Verification Reply Code
Gain Or Loss Indicator Code
General Operating Specification
General Services Administration (GSA) Customer Supply Center Code
Generator Name
Generator State ID
Generator USEPA ID
Generator’s File Transfer DoDAAC
Generator’s Software Release Version Number
Generic Materiel Identification
Government Bill Of Lading Number
Group Control Number
Halogens Unit
Hazard Class
Hazardous Characteristics Code/Hazardous Material Content Code
Hazardous Material Code
Hazardous Material Indicator
Hazardous Waste Profile Sheet (HWPS) Number
High TOC (>10%) Indicator
Identification Code Qualifier
Ignitable Indicator
Image Processing Date
Indicator Code
Individual Name
Information Contact Code
Information Indicator Code
Insured Parcel Post Number
Interchangeability Code
Intermediate Container Code
Intermediate Container Quantity
International Telephone Number
Interval Grouping Of Forecast Code
Inventory Category Code
Inventory Transaction Type
Investigation Status Code
Issue Priority Group Code
Issuing Agency Code
Item Description Type
Item Management Code
Item Type Storage Code
Job Order Number
Key Operation Number
Kind Of Contract Code
Kind Of Modification Code
Land Disposal Restrictions Indicator
Latest Acceptable Delivery Date
Lead Time Code
Level Of Preservation And Packing Code
Line Item Control Number
Line Item Repair Action Number
Local Jurisdiction
Local Source Code
Local Stock Number
Locally Assigned Control Number
Location Identifier
Logistics Document Identifier Code
Lot Number
Lot Type Code
Low TOC (<10%) Indicator
Main Account Code
Maintenance Type Code
Maintenance Work Order Number
Major Force Program Code
Management Code
Management Control Activity
Management Control Number
Manager Forced/Direct Action Code
Manifest Key Number
Manufacturer's Catalog Number
Manufacturer's End Item Series Number
Manufacturer's Make
Manufacturer's Model Number
Manufacturer's Name
Manufacturer's Part Number
Manufacturing Directive Number
Map Edition Number
Mark For Party
Material Storage Location
Materiel Control Code
Materiel Control Tracking (MCT)Tag Number
Materiel Finish
Materiel Management Aggregation Code
Measurement Qualifier
Measurement Reference Identification Code
Media And Status Code
Medical/Surgical Component Assembly Control Number
Meets Treatment Standards Indicator
Message Text
Message To/From Code
Method Of Preservation (MOP)/Special Preservation Code
Military And Civilian Grade Code
Military Assistance Program Address Code (MAPAC)
Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) Number
Military Specification (MILSPEC) Number
Mission Impact Statement Code
Mode of Collection
Modular Ordering Management System Supplier Order Number
Monetary Amount
Multiplier Factor Code
Name of Waste
National Drug Code In 5-4-2 Format
National Geospacial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Product Code
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Reference Number (NRN)
National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Code
National Stock Number
Navy Issue On Request Code
New Owner
Next Higher Assembly
Nickel Quantity
Nickel Unit
Nonconformance Determination Code
Nonconformance Resultant Response Code
Note Reference Code
Notification Indicator Code
Object Class Code
OCONUS Packaging Indicator
Office Symbol
Old Ownership Code
Old Purpose Code
Order Status Code
Order/Item Code
Organization Code
Original Packaging Indicator
Other Chemical Component Description
Other Chemical Component Quantity
Other Chemical Component Unit
Ownership Code
Packaging Code
Packing Group Code
Packing Requirement Level A Code
Packing Requirement Level B Code
Packing Requirement Level C Code
Packing Type
Partial And Split Shipment Code
Party Passing The Transaction
Party To Receive Copy
Party To Receive Status
Payer Identification
PCB Quantity
PCB Unit
Phenolic Quantity
Phenolics Unit
Phrase Code
Physical Characteristics Code
Physical Inventory Error Classification Code
Physical State
Pick, Pack, And Special Delivery Instructions
Picklist Control Number
Pickup DoDAAC
Planning Code Lookup
Planning Schedule Forecast Type Code
Plant Equipment Number
Plus Or Minus Indicator Code
Postal Code
Potential Supply Source
Precious Metals Indicator Code
Present Market Value
Price Identifier Code
Price List Number
Print Or Drawing Number
Prior Requisition Document Number
Priority Designator Code
Priority Rating
Process Generating Waste
Procurement Instrument Identification (PIID)
Procurement Instrument Identification Number (PIIN)
Product Description Code
Product Line Number
Product Number
Product Quality Deficiency Category
Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) Report Control Number
Product Transfer Type Code
Product/Process Characteristics Code
Product/Service Condition Code
Production Run
Program Funding Indicator
Program Line Item Number
Program Originator Code
Program Year
Program Year Code
Project Code
Project Identifier
Projected Annual Volume
Projected Annual Volume Units
Proper Shipping Name
Province/Territory/Administrative Division (Within Country) Code
Provisioning Contract Control Number (PCCN)
Provisioning Control Code (PVC)
Pseudo Closure Reason Code
Publication Number
Publication Stock Number
Purchase Card Account Number
Purchase Card Call Number
Purchase Card Holder
Purchase Order Number
Purchase Request Line Item
Purchasing Contract Officer (PCO) Instructions Code
Purpose Code
Quality Assurance Site Code
Quality Inspection Code
Quantity Or Status Adjustment Reason Code
Quantity Ordered
Quantity Per Unit Pack Code
Quantity Qualifier Code
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag Value
RCRA Requirements
Reactive Indicator
Reason For Contract Delivery Date Revision Code
Reason For Delayed Closing Of Contract File Code
Reason For Disposal Code
Reason For Material Receipt/Return Code
Reason For Requisitioning Code
Reason For Reversal Code
Receipt Manifest Number
Receiving Advice Code
Receiving Condition Code
Recipient Of Billing Status Code
Recommendations Regarding Delayed Deliveries Code
Reference And Station Code
Reference Identification
Reference Number Justification Code
Reference Number Variation Code
Registered Mail Number
Reimbursable Flag Indicator
Reject Advice Code
Relationship Code
Repair Order Number
Replenishment Quantity
Report Purpose Code
Report Transmission Code
Requested Delivery Date
Requester Badge Number
Requester Phone Number
Requester Point of Contact (POC) Name
Required Availability Date
Required Delivery Date
Required Delivery Time
Requirement Churn Reason Code
Requisition Alert Document Number
Requisition Authorizing Official
Requisition Suffix Code
Response Required Indicator
Response Status Code
Return Material Authorization Number
Return Type Code
Returnable Container Number
Review Period Indicator Code
Routing Identifier Code
Routing Sequence Code
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Number
Sales Price Condition Code
Schedule Quantity Qualifier
Secondary Receipt Suffix Code Indicator
Secondary Transportation Identification Number
Security Assistance Document Number Requirement Type Code
Security Assistance Program Customer Service Designator
Security Assistance Program Type Of Assistance And Financing Code
Security Cooperation Case Designator Code
Security Cooperation Case Line Item Identifier
Security Cooperation Customer Code
Security Cooperation Implementing Agency Code
Serial Number
Serial Shipping Container Code
Service Performed Code
Service, Promotion, Allowance, Or Charge Code
Service/Agency Code
Shelf Life Action Code
Shelf Life Code
Ship To
Shipment Hold Code
Shipment Method Of Payment
Shipment Order Status Code
Shipment Release Code
Shipment/Acceptance Discrepancy Explanation Code
Shipping Packaging And Storage Discrepancy Code
Shop Service Center/Shop Store
Signal Code
Small Arms And Light Weapons (SA/LW) Error Transaction Reject Code
Small Arms And Light Weapons (SA/LW) Transaction Code
Small Package Identification Number (Carrier Assigned)
Source Maintenance And Recoverability Code
Source Of Supply
Source Subqualifier
Special Contract Provision Code
Special Delivery Instructions
Special Handling Information
Special Instructions
Special Marking Code
Special Material Content Code
Special Materiel Identification Code
Special Packaging Instruction Number
Special Packaging Instruction Revision Suffix
Special Packing Instruction (SPI) Code/Reference Number
Special Program Document Number
Special Program Requirement Status Code
Special Program Requirements Forecast Qualifier
Special Requirements Code
Special Services Code
Specification Number
Staging/Picklist General Remarks
Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)
Standard Document Number
State Code
Status Code
Status Reason Code
Status Report Code
Stock Fund Or Non-Stock Fund Code
Stockage List Code
Storage Activity
Storage Information Code - Provisioning Item
Storage Location Code
Sub-Account Code
Sub-Allocation Holder Identifier
Sub-Class Code
Submitter's Original Priority Designator
Submitter's Original Priority Designator (Downgraded)
Subsistence Identification Number
Subsistence Type Of Pack Code
Sulfide Reactive Indicator
Supplementary Address
Supply Condition Code
Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Initiating Office (SIO) Code
Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Initiating Office (SIO)Code
Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR)Requested Action Code
Supply Source
Supply Source Method Code
Surface/Layer/Position Code
Tax Exempt Code
Tax Identification Number
Tax Jurisdiction Code
Tax Type Code
Technical Contact Name
Technical Contact Phone
Technical Contact Title
Technical Data Justification Code
Technical Manual Number
Technical Order Number
Technical Work Document Number
Technical/Descriptive Exception Data
Telecommunications Carrier Identification Code
Telephone Extension
Telephone Number
Terminal Code
Time Code
Total Disposal Cost
Total Halogens Quantity
Total Solids
Toxicity Characteristic Indicator
Transaction Category Or Type
Transaction Creation Date
Transaction Handling Code
Transaction Reference Number
Transaction Status Indicator Code
Transportation Account Code (TAC)
Transportation Bill Code
Transportation Control Number
Transportation Holding Delay Code
Transportation Method/Type Code
Transportation Priority Code
Treasury Symbol Code
Treatment Group
Treatment Standard Reference
Type Due-In Indicator
Type Inspection Code
Type Location Reconciliation Request Code
Type Of Bill
Type Of Business Code
Type Of Cargo Code
Type Of Change Code
Type of Container
Type Of Contract Closeout Status Report
Type Of Contract Code
Type Of Contractor Code
Type Of Inquiry Code
Type Of Location
Type Of Media Code
Type Of Payment Terms Code
Type Of Physical Inventory/Transaction History Code
Type Operation
Type Pack Code
UCC/EAN Global Product Identification Prefix
Ultimate Recipient Code
Underlying Hazardous Constituent
Uniform Resource Locator
Unique Item Identification
Unique Item Identifier (UII) Type Code
Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Designator Code
Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Error Transaction Reject Code
Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Registering Party
Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Transaction Code
Unit Of Issue
Unit Of Time Period Or Interval
Unit Of Use Indicator
United Nations (UN)/North American (NA) Identification Code
Unsolicited Proposal Rejection Reason
USPS Zip Plus 4 Code
Utilization Code
Vendor Alphanumeric Size Code (NRMA)
Vendor's (Seller's) Catalog Number
Vendor's (Seller's) Item Number
Vendor's Supplemental Item Number
Volatile Organics Quantity
Volatile Organics Unit
Volume (Gross Per Unit Package Cube)
War Reserve Material Requirement Code
Warehouse Action Certification/Status Code
Warehouse Storage Location
Warehouse Storage Location for Pick
Waste Description Line 1
Waste Description Line 2
Waste Description Line 3
Waste Description Line 4
Waste Profile Established Date
Waste Profile Number
Water Commodity And Special Handling Code
Water Reactive Indicator
Water Terminal Identifier
Waybill Number
Weapon System Advice Code
Weapon System Designator
Weapon System Designator Code
Weapon System Essentiality Code
Weapon System Maintenance Code
Weapon System Status Code
Weapon System Transaction Origination Code
Weight Or Fragility Code
Work Order Number
Work Unit Code
Yes/No Indicator
Zinc Quantity
Zinc Unit
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