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8 Acceptance Site Code
ACC-1 Accounting Error Classification Code (First Position)
ACC-2 Accounting Error Classification Code (Second Position)
AD Acquisition Advice Code
AI Acquisition Method Code
AH Acquisition Method Suffix Code
ADI Address Document Identification Code
80 Advice Code
33 Air Commodity and Special Handling Code
35 Air Dimension Code
ABS Air Force Revised Urgency Justification Code (Assigned By Sender)
RC Air Force Urgency Justification Code
*SA Air Partial Shipment Code
*ST Air Split Shipment Code
36 Air Terminal Identifier
CG Aircraft Mission Design Series Code
DJ Army Edit Action Code
ARD Asset Reclassification Denial Code
EA Asset Status or Transaction Reporting Code
EB Asset Transfer Status Code
91 Automated Data Processing Equipment Identification Code
C3 Availability Type Code
*BT Backorder Type
CB Billed Office Indicator Code
52 Billing Advice Code
53 Billing Status Code
Z Cancellation Reason Code
16 Cash Discount Stipulation Code
CLP Causative Research Indicator
GY Cause of Loss Code/Cause Code
EC Certification Requirements Code/Program Year
ED Coast Designation Code
COG Cognizance Symbol
T03 Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV) Receipt Type Code
62 Communications Routing Identifier Code
38 Consolidation and Containerization Point Code
63 Content Indicator Code
AG Contract Administration Functional Limitations Code
RR Contract Bid Rejection Reason Code
19 Contract Close-Out Group Code
11 Contract Delivery Date Revision Agency Code
RF Contract Failure To Award Reason Code
21 Contract Fund Reporting Transaction Code
NL Contract No Longer Considered for Award Reason Code
23 Contract Obligation Variance Code
22 Contract Payment Deduction or Collection Code
26 Contract Payment Line Item Status Code
20 Contract Payment Type Code
14 Contract Shipment Advice Code
SM Contract Solicitation Method Code
27 Contract Special Reimbursable Provisions Code
EQ Controlled Inventory Item Code
89 Cooperative Logistics Program Support Category Code
EF Correction/Change for Storage Item Records Code
*S2 Country Code
CR Criticality Code (Federal Item Identification Guide (FIIG)
NP Criticality Code (Federal Item Identification Guide (FIIG))
5 Criticality Designator Code
CML Customer Maintenance Level Lookup Code
AB Defense Priorities and Allocations System Code
DPC Delivery Priority Code
R3 Delivery Priority/Special Processing Code
KJ Delivery Priority/Special Processing Codes
57 Delivery Source Code
74 Demand Code
FD Demilitarization Code
DMI Demilitarization Integrity Code
DMP Demilitarization Performed Code
ER Department of Defense Identification Code
*UI Department of Defense Unique Item Identifier
EI Discrepancy Indicator Code
D Discrepancy Report Document Type Code
D-1 Discrepancy Report Document Type Codes
D-2 Discrepancy Report Document Type Codes
HD-2 Discrepancy Status or Disposition (Reply) Codes
HD-1 Discrepancy Status or Disposition (Reply) Codes
88 Disposal Authority Code
DCR Disposition Category Change Reject Reason Code
DCT Disposition Category Code
DSI-1 Disposition Services Indicator
DRS Disposition Services Reimbursement Code
DTS Disposition Services Term Sales Code
DCS Disposition Sub-Category Code
AK Distribution Code
ST DLA Disposition Services Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Type Code
**0 DLMS/DLSS Cross Reference Guide (DLMS Implementation Convention (IC) To DLSS Document Identifier Code (DIC)) (DLMS IC Sequence)
*0 DLSS/DLMS Cross Reference Guide (DLSS Document Identifier Code (DIC) To DLMS Supplement (DS)) (DIC Sequence)
DAC Document Availability Code
DDA DoDAAC Authority Code
EID Enterprise Identifier
42 Estimated Time of Arrival Code
EVI Event Identification
TTL Exchange Pricing Conversion Indicator
BCR Exchange Pricing Type of Credit (Business Credit Rating)
A4 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Case Designator Number (Case Number)
A3 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Delivery Term Code
95 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Offer/Release Option Code
A5 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Subcase Number
A2 Foreign Military Sales Mark-For Code
1 Free On Board Site
A6 Freight Forwarder Number
DG Fund Code
FP Fund Purpose Code
*FV Funds Verification Reply Code
GD Gain or Loss Indicator Code
60 General Services Administration (GSA) Customer Supply Center Code
HMC Hazardous Characteristics Code/Hazardous Material Content Code
NS Hazardous Material Code
DSI-2 Hazardous Waste/Material Code
9 Indicator Code
61 Information Indicator Code
BCC Interchangeability Code
JI Intermediate Container Code
JK Intermediate Container Quantity
EM Inventory Category Code
GK Investigation Status Code
PL Issue Priority Group Code
IAC Issuing Agency Code
IMC Item Management Code
*BY Item New/Returned Code
93 Item Type Storage Code
3 Kind of Contract Code
28 Kind of Modification Code
JE Level of Preservation and Packing Code
EN Local Source Code
0 Logistics Document Identifier Code
*PS Logistics Product/Service Designator Code
*RI Logistics Reference Identifier
ML Lot Type Code
CF Major Force Program Code
84-3 Management Code (Gain/Loss)
84-5 Management Code (Informative)
84-2 Management Code (Issue)
84-4 Management Code (Physical Inventory)
84-1 Management Code (Receipt)
84-6 Management Code (Requisition)
GA Manager Forced/Directed Action Code
MCC Materiel Control Code
MAC Materiel Management Aggregation Code
GQ Materiel Management Aggregation Code
DF Media and Status Code
JC Method of Preservation (MOP)/Special Preservation Code
43 Military and Civilian Grade Code
A7 Military Assistance Program (MAP)/Grant Aid (GA) Line Item Number
JN Mission Impact Statement Code
CH National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Product Code
NK National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Code
RT Navy Issue On Request Code
GI Notification Indicator Code
RD Old Ownership Code
RE Old Purpose Code
A1 Ownership Code
JF Packing Requirement Level A Code
JG Packing Requirement Level B Code
*SS Partial and Split Shipment Code (Surface Shipment)
PHC Phrase Code
JA Physical Characteristics Code
EL-1 Physical Inventory Error Classification Code (First Position)
EL-2 Physical Inventory Error Classification Code (First Position)
*ZZ Planning Code
PCL Planning Code Lookup
24 Plus or Minus Indicator Code
90 Precious Metals Indicator Code
79 Priority Designator Code
DK Program Originator Code
A8 Program Year Code
78 Project Code
ZZ Pseudo Closure Reason Code
29 Purchasing Contract Officer (PCO) Instructions Code
99 Purpose Code
7 Quality Assurance Site Code
T05 Quality Inspection Code
JD Quantity Per Unit Pack Code
12 Reason for Contract Delivery Date Revision Code
45 Reason for Delayed Closing of Contract File Code
25 Reason for Delayed Closing of Contract File Code
92 Reason for Disposal Code
MRR Reason for Material Receipt/Return Code
98 Reason for Requisitioning Code
RRC Reason for Reversal Code
55 Recipient of Billing Status Code
13 Recommendations Regarding Delayed Deliveries Code
CE Reference and Station Code
RJC Reference Number Justification Code
RVC Reference Number Variation Code
ET Reject Advice Code
SAT Replenishment Quantity (Stock Action/Technical Information Code)
HC Report Purpose Code
EWC Requirement Churn Reason Code
75 Requisition Suffix Code
QA Response Status Code (Response Code Carcass Tracking (BK2/BK6))
AAO Retail Demand Quantity (Projection Type)
KYL Return Type Code
EV Review Period Indicator Code
56 Sales Price Condition Code
TG Security Assistance Document Number Requirement Type Code
94 Security Assistance Program Customer Service Designator
CSD Security Assistance Program Customer Service Designator
67 Security Assistance Type of Assistance and Financing Code
85 Security Cooperation (SC) Customer Code
SRC Serialized Report Code
71 Service and Agency Code
*QY Service Performed Code
FE Shelf Life Code
BC Shipment Hold Code
BC Shipment Hold Code
96 Shipment Release Code
17 Shipment/Acceptance Discrepancy Explanation Code
HA-1 Shipping and Packaging Discrepancy Codes
HA-2 Shipping and Packaging Discrepancy Codes
DE-5 Signal Code (Disposal Turn-In Document)
DE-4 Signal Code (DLMS, MRP)
DE-3 Signal Code (DLMS, Requisitioning)
DE-2 Signal Code (Legacy, MRP)
DE-1 Signal Code (Legacy, Requisitioning)
EW Small Arms and Light Weapons (SA/LW) Error Transaction Reject Code
EX Small Arms and Light Weapons (SA/LW) Transaction Code
FG Source Maintenance and Recoverability Code
6 Special Contract Provision Code
*SI Special Instructions Indicator (SII)
JL Special Marking Code
SMC Special Material Content Code
SMI Special Material Identification Code
EY Special Program Requirement Status Code
AL Special Requirements Code (Precedence/Special Handling and Processing Code) (DLSS RDD)
81 Status Code
SEC Stock Exchange Code (Exchange Pricing Indicator)
59 Stock Fund or Non-Stock Fund Code
SLC Stockage List Code
HB-2 Storage Quality Control Report (SQRC) Requested Action Code
ALP Submitter's Original Priority Designator (Downgraded)
87-1 Subsistence Type of Pack Code (Nonperishable)
87-2 Subsistence Type of Pack Code (Perishable)
66 Suffix or Limit Code
A9 Supplemental Address/Data
83 Supply Condition Code
BG Supply Condition Code (Reclassification)
TR Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Initiating Office (SIO) Code
HB-1 Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Requested Action Code
T01 Technical Data Justification Code
10 Transaction Status Indicator Code
58 Transportation Bill Code
39 Transportation Method/Type Code
BD Transportation Priority Code
CC Treasury Symbol Code
EH Type Due-In Indicator
EZ Type Inspection Code
FH Type Location Reconciliation Request Code
*TD Type of Address Code - DoD Activity Address Code (DoDAAC)
*TM-1 Type of Address Code - Military Assistance Program Activity Address Code (MAPAC) - Foreign Military Sales
*TM-2 Type of Address Code - Military Assistance Program Activity Address Code (MAPAC) - Grant Aid
54 Type of Bill
2 Type of Business Code
NT Type of Cargo Code
GF Type of Change Code
CCS Type of Contract Closeout Status Report
4 Type of Contract Code
CA Type of Inquiry Code
FB Type of Media Code
FC Type of Physical Inventory/Transaction History Code
40 Type Pack Code
97 Ultimate Recipient Code
UTY Unique Item Identifier (UII) Type Code
UDC Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Designator Code
UER Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Error Transaction Reject Code
UP Unique Item Tracking (UIT) Transaction Code
UP Unsolicited Proposal Rejection Reason
AJ Utilization Code
LZ War Reserve Material Requirement Code
*WC Warehouse Action Certification/ Status Code
34 Water Commodity and Special Handling Code
37 Water Terminal Identifier
WSA Weapon System Advice Code
FF Weapon System Essentiality Code
WSM Weapon System Maintenance Code
WSS Weapon System Status Code
LM Weapon System Transaction Origination Code
JB Weight or Fragility Code
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