DLMS Qualifier & DLMS Code List

Search Qualifiers & DLMS Code Lists: The Qualifiers identified in ANSI ASC X12 data element 1270 (Code List Qualifier Code) represent a combination of DoD logistics functional data elements for which the authoritative source is DLM 4000.25, Defense Logistics Management System manual. DLMS Code Lists are similar to Qualifiers, but are associated to X12 data elements other than 1270, so the code list is not recognized within the X12 Standard.
A user may search through or browse a listing of all Qualifiers and DLMS Code Lists applicable to DLMS ICs. Clicking on the ID for a Qualifiers or external code will provide information about the code list and either the list of valid values or direction to an authoritative source for the code values.
Search Qualifier & DLMS Code Lists

Search DLMS Code Values: A user may search through or browse a listing of all the values that are assigned to a given qualifier/DLMS Code List. The goal is to be able to search for a specific code value or name imbedded in one or more qualifier(s)/DLMS Code List(s).
Search DLMS Code Values